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This is one of my quick and easy go-to breakfasts when I need something a bit more substantial than a smoothie. It calls for buckwheaties and I have them in my cupboard all the time. They are great for topping coconut yogurt or ice cream, adding to smoothies or salads and I even add them to almond pulp cookie recipes to give a little crunch. This cereal can be made without the buckwheaties by using raw groats (the kernels). Or leave them out completely. I love these little morsels full of crunch and find it well worth making them in my dehydrator.



Place all ingredients in a small bowl and soak at least 10 minutes in 1/2 cup almond milk or water.

Top with fresh berries and serve.


Additions: raisins, dried apples

To make buckwheaties soak desired quantity of raw buckwheat groats 4 - 6 hours in enough water to cover grains plus about 1 inch. Rinse well and prepare dehydrator trays and drying sheets. Dehydrate for 8+ hours until crispy. Store can be stored in an air tight glass container in your cupboard for months.

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Cereal

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