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excerpted from the book

"Crunch" is something that can easily go missing in an allliving foods diet, but with some ingenuity, an innovative ingredient (bloomed quinoa), liberal helpings of herbs and spices, and the magic of a dehydrator, we can easily get crunch back.

As we saw in the last chapter (where corn chowder morphed into tortillas and chips, page 53), the possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

Bread is another food that many who are evolving their diets away from gluten and toward raw find hard to give up. I love a good scone or muffin with my cheery morning cup of tea, so I am always looking for ways to recreate these simple joys using raw food techniques and ingredients. Using leftover pulp, dried fruits, and other raw cuisine techniques, I have developed some healthy substitutes that should satisfy the most stubborn bread-lover.

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