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Online Resources

Rawsome Creations ONLINE RESOURCES
Food Products, Media that Matters, Food & Politics, Organizations that Matter, and other useful links
More than a Nut Milk Bag
Get this essential piece of raw food equipment from the source -- maximize the benefit to Brenda's Balinese friends.
Food grade acrylic Template
Helps users make perfectly round wraps and tortillas.
Buck Mountain Maple Syrup
Good friends Gwyneth, Matt and Galadriel tap their 5,000+ sugar maples each year to provide us loyal fans with wonderful family grown organic Vermont maple and I love it!
Offering unsulfured golden Himalayan raisins, Himalayan salt, and a variety of coconut products.
My source for spinach powder and other flavor enhancers
Red Blossom Tea
Authentic source of high quality Taiwanese and Chinese teas. Beautiful website. Treat yourself to the best green tea.
Environmental Working Group
These guys provide the never-blinking vigilance required to keep food free and honest.
Local Harvest: Farmers Markets and CSAs
Community Supported Agriculture is an arrangement between farmers and their customer that helps finance the former while securing a reliable supply of healthy food. Often CSA members pre-pay, thereby providing funds to the farmer for seeds and amendments. In return, members usually get a weekly box full of delicious produce. Used this website to find a CSA near you.
A Longer Healthier Life website
This website, posted by raw food chefs Diane Haworth and Michael Varbaek post is a favorite place to go for inspiration and food ideas.
Chef Marvin Woods
Brenda had the distinct pleasure of showing Chef Marvin the elements of raw foods, and he's on fire with it!
If we cooked, these are the pots we'd use. The SaladMaster is a pretty cool prepping tool all by itself.
Miscellaneous Cool Stuff
our book designer
Michael helped from beginning to end to assemble the book, make it accurate and elegant, and shepherd it through the printing process.
More than a NUT MILK BAG Recipe Collection
More Than A Nut Milk Bag Recipe Collection & bags from Rawsome Creations
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