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Rawsome Creations: Tools for Chefs in Living & Raw Foods Kitchens
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Tips for successful almond milk

'I made my first batch of almond milk today and I was shocked to see how easy it was!' writes Christine.

Bali Raw Food Restaurant Scene - Updated 2014

The plant strong scene for dining in Ubud, Bali is growing by the month and this mountain village is beginning to set itself apart as a raw food mecca.

A Visit to Bob's Red Mill

I got to meet Bob himself, red vest and all.

Getting to Raw : toward better eating habits

At each bend in the road, I stand in awe and wonder. Contemplating the whole journey, it is daunting, but it's not impossible when taken one step at a time...

Raw on the Road Tips

Think ahead, get creative and get out there. Raw on the Road is easier than you think.

Vote for Full Food Ingredient Disclosure

Food is one thing you can control in your life. What you put in your mouth is completely in your control.

PEEETS: More about Continua and Low-hanging Fruit

My mnemonic PEEETS reminds me to Prioritize, Educate, Eat, Exercise, Take action, seek Self-mastery.

Low Hanging Fruit: Sweeteners

Scientific evidence have shown that individuals who followed a low-sugar diet were at a significantly lower risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Learn About Raw Food at a Local Potluck

They're not at all scary and often "first-timers" comment, "I had no idea raw food was SO good!"

My Hero Robin Lim is CNN Hero of 2011

Receiving the honor at a glitzy CNN event, Robin said, "Every baby's first breath on Earth could be one of peace and love..."

Food Fight

Not too many things rile me up, but the food fight between Agribiz and the Raw-and-Organics underway here in America and around the world has got my dander up.

Label Reading 101

I sometimes find myself in the grocery store, trying to puzzle my way past the labeling bafflegab. Here is the wisdom...

Letter from Kumi Hachiya

It was the first time for me, being filled with a feeling of oneness with foreigners that much. And amazingly, with an American.

Christine's Report from Sendai, Japan

...the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back to my shack to check on it each day, now to send this e-mail since the electricity is on, and I find food and water left in my entranceway...

Brenda Hinton: a Life Seeking Energy's Raw Forms

From a very early age, I knew there had to be more going on than what I could see, sense, or put my fingers on.

The short version of my biography

All my life, seeking to understand "energy," this strange force that seems to power everything, has moved me to study and share.

St Helena Star: Brenda Hinton puts the 'awesome' in raw food

For me, a healthy life style has been an ongoing transition. I was an omnivore, then a vegetarian, then a pescetarian, then vegan, then raw. It hasn't happened overnight.

Yoga By Candace: Brand to Know

Chatting with Brenda Hinton, the creator of Rawsome Creations, for this week's Brand to Know.

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Rawsome Creations: Tools for Chefs in Living & Raw Foods Kitchens
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