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Living Food and Vegan Chef Brenda Hinton started this site many years ago, and continues to guide it to the leading edge of authentic food preparation. “I wanted to be healthier, and I wasn't getting any younger . . . so I thought I could re-energize, and heal myself from the inside out, by eating the best, freshest, most local, most authentic, food I could find. Here in this website, I have recorded my findings, concerns, and sources. I am so glad you are here to share.”

Along with the , , , , and discovery we post on this website, Rawsome Creations developed and marketed tools for preparing vegan meals and dishes that even the most dedicated carnivores enjoy. We are pleased to see that our inventions and innovations have entered the mainstream, and are generally available in your local kitchenware store – they are indispensable tools in the healthy kitchen. Our Nut Milk Bag story -- about Balinese mothers, infants, and orphans -- makes this product even better.

We have updated our on-line library of living food recipes, and Brenda's first book, her More than a NUT MILK BAG Recipe Collection, gets several pages here on the website, giving you techniques and recipes to help you get creative. For more, you can get her 112 page book here too, and join the Reader's Community where the recipes are available in presentation format.

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