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Rawsome Creations More than a NUT MILK BAG is perfect for for juicing, sprouting & making nut milks.

Wondering about living food? Puzzled by what "vegan" means? We built this website to answer those questions.

Looking to regain your health after a setback . . . or seeking more energy? This website can help you get there.

Trying to get closer to the earth and more local in the way you live? We are, too . . . and this website is our platform for sharing what we find and building a like-minded community.

Are you an experienced "raw foodie" looking for tools and tricks to make meal preparation easier and more creative? Interested in how a "road warrior raw foodie" survives life away from home? You are in the right place.

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Living Food Chef Brenda Hinton started this site many years ago, and continues to guide it to the leading edge of authentic food preparation. "I wanted to be healthier, and I wasn't getting any younger . . . so I thought I could re-energize, and heal myself from the inside out, by eating the best, freshest, most local, most authentic, food I could find. Here in this website, I have recorded my findings, concerns, and sources. I am so glad you are here to share."

More Than A Nut Milk Bag Recipe Collection & More Than A Nut Milk Bag from Rawsome Creations

Along with the wisdom, research, recipes, experience, and discovery we post on this website, you will find indispensable tools for preparing living food meals and dishes that even the most dedicated carnivore will enjoy. Our high quality re-usable white nylon More than a NUT MILK BAGs are an indispensable tool in the healthy kitchen. Our Nut Milk Bag story -- Balinese mothers, infants, and orphans -- makes this product even better.

Raw Foods Chef Brenda Hinton teaches raw foods classes at Whole Foods Market in Napa -- photo by Gina Kim
Brenda Hinton teaching
a living foods class
(photo by Gina Kim)

Brenda's first book, her More than a NUT MILK BAG Recipe Collection, gets several pages here on the website, giving you techniques and recipes to help you get creative. For more, you can get her 112 page book here too, and join the Reader's Community where the recipes are available in presentation format.

Brenda is always working on new products for the living food kitchen. Take a look in the Rawsome Creations Shop to find her specially designed tools.

In our Frequently Asked Questions page tackle some of the burning questions that occur to raw food aficionados. We're always researching, and we put our best resources on our Food Links page, and write Articles about our conclusions.

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Our occasional Newsletter reports on Brenda's adventures, and includes seasonal growing and recipe tips. Sign up here to keep up-to-date with Brenda's doings.

Thank you for visiting Rawsome Creations.

CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: High-quality nylon 10 x 12 inch nut milk and sprouting bags are ideal for any number of straining, juicing or sprouting uses. Fine mesh material minimizes sediment and allows for sprouting of even the smallest of seeds and grains, while bias cut, surge sewn construction ensures durability.
Nut Milk Bag
CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: My intention is to guide you, with easy, straight-forward recipes, through a series of successes in your kitchen. My goal: to give you skills to create authentic, tasty, healthy food choices for every day. I kept these recipes simple, but they
Recipe Collection
CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: Living foods chefs find the Rounds Template especially useful: a food grade acrylic sheet that fits directly over an Excalibur Dehydrator trays to help create four uniform 6 inch tortillas, wraps, crêpes or pancakes quickly and easily.
Rounds Template
CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: NEW from Rawsome Creations: Sewn from heavy twill fabric imprinted with Ellie De Silva
Knife Case
CLICK FOR RAW TOOL INFO: NEW from Rawsome Creations: Made from the same heavy twill embellished with Ellie
Chef's Hat

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