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Wondering about living food? Puzzled by what vegan means? We built this website to answer those questions.

Looking to regain your health after a setback . . . or seeking more energy? This website can help you get there.

Trying to get closer to the earth and more local in the way you live? We are, too . . . and this website is our platform for sharing what we find and building a like-minded community.

Are you an experienced “authentic foodie” looking for tools and tricks to make meal preparation easier and more creative? Interested in how a “road warrior vegan” survives life away from home? You are in the right place.



Click here for the table of contents for our online recipes. Here's our current favorite:

We're always experimenting, broadening, and adding new discoveries here, so check back soon.

Over the years I have published, here on the website, many articles about my findings on the path to healing myself. Here are a couple of favorites, and good places to start: Getting to Raw: toward better eating habits and Label Reading 101

Here are some other goodies:

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

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